Luka Dončić (2021 Mavericks Statement Edition - Navy Jersey)

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*Limited Edition, Only 500 Made, Individually Numbered*

Uniquely stylized collectible art, the Luka Dončić smALL-STARS NBA Edition figure is a blend of urban street art and anime-influenced vinyl collectibles. 

Only 500 are being produced, with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, the oversized, approximately 12-inch Luka is an attractive, highly collectible, lifestyle product sure to make an immediate impression whether displayed in the home or at the office.

• UNIQUELY STYLIZED: NBA player caricatures
• HIGHLY DETAILED: High level of craftsmanship and uniform detail
• BOLD: Large, oversized collectible figures
• HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE: Small production quantities

Collectible figure comes individually boxed in special team-themed, padded collector box.

We only produce a fixed quantity of each figure and they each come with a serial number located on the bottom of the shoe to verify the limited edition.