James Harden is Returning to smALL-STARS

James Harden is Returning to smALL-STARS

Three years after James Harden made his smALL-STARS debut, the eight-time NBA All-Star is back.

Harden's first smALL-STARS appearance came in 2017-18, his ninth NBA season and sixth with the Houston Rockets after arriving from Oklahoma City in 2012. One of 10 players in the 2017-18 collection, Harden appeared in the Rockets' White Association Jersey. Three years and three more All-Star selectionsl ater, Harden is returning to smALL-STARS with another limited edition figure.

Featured in the Rockets' Red Icon Edition jersey, the 2020 James Harden smALL-STAR is the first-ever figure in that jersey. Like all smALL-STARS, the 2020 Harden is limited edition, uniquely stylized collectible art. Designed by legendary sports artist Terry Smith, it's a blend of urban street art and anime-influenced vinyl collectibles.

Each figure is produced in small quantities and never reproduced. When the smALL-STARS are gone, they're only available on the secondary collector's market.

Harden joins LeBron James, Zion Williamson, Luka Donćić and other players in the 2020 collection. Follow smALL-STARS on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, for an official release date for Harden, along with other player releases, giveaways, and more.