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Terry has been a strong creative force and leader in sports, gaming and entertainment for over 35 years. He has made content creation deals with major studios like Sony Entertainment and Universal Studios and has held top creative leadership roles at companies like Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment, Activision, Zynga and Warner Brothers Games.

His creative consulting business, Terry Smith Creations has played a major role in the launch of many well-known products and franchises over the years. He and his company have provided IP creation, development and management services, creative direction and art direction, product ideation and development, manufacturing, and strategic marketing planning and execution.

It has been almost 30 years since Terry last created anything for the sports collector’s market. His signature sports fantasy paintings for the Fleer Provisions line in the 90’s are still fondly remembered.

With the introduction of the Small-Stars product line, Terry has reentered the hobby in a unique way with the artistry of elite athletes once again serving as inspiration for him to get back to doing something he loves and sorely missed; creating wonderfully imaginative works of art, featuring the superstars of sports.

It’s been a long time coming but Terry is finally back in the world of sports collectibles with creative works of art. The Small-Stars collectible figure line features uniquely stylized caricatures of the NBA’s biggest stars and his limited-edition prints showcasing his signature “sports fantasy” style have allowed him to once again celebrate today’s athletes as only he can.

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Terry has long been one of the hobby's favorite artist and his work have been featured in numerous sports collector hobby magazines and podcasts over the years.


Samples of the Fleer ProVision basketball cards from the early 90’s.
Some of Terry’s more recent basketball related “sports fantasy” paintings